This site is dedicated to the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand. (it really should be Command, but you can't understand M.A.S.C. can you?) This was a very popular 80's Sci-fi cartoon, comic as well as toy line. It was all about two teams of agents who wore masks and drove some really souped up vehicles while battling each other.

Let me get this straight first: This has nothing to do with the this guy here:

The Mindforge is a site which specializes in fanfiction and fan art, but we do have other stuff such as a pretty regularly updated new page and archive, episode transcripts, as well as a large set of links to other M.A.S.K.sites.

This site runs on contributions from fans. For this site to work, you all must help, that is, respond. Feel free to send in any piece of work about the M.A.S.K. that you have done. Anything concerning M.A.S.K. will be more than welcomed!


Q: Where can I get M.A.S.K. Toys. How? Can you sell me some?

A: I don't deal in toys, unfortunately. But you should check out the toy links on the lower right section of the main page.

For information I'd recommend Albert Penello's very excellent site. He probably has every bit of info about the toys you could want, complete with pictures.

For the actual shopping, You should stop by Robozone's. It's got a good reputation. Or you can also hop over to Ebay.

Q: Where can I get M.A.S.K. Episodes? Can you record a whole run for me?

A: No I cannot. The guys who can are listed in the episodes links section of the site. Megaman's is the best source. The medium of trade is usually tapes, money or other recordings of 80's cartoons. Good luck!

More questions will be added later.

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